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 Mitchell Scott


 Mitchell Scott is a native of Belzoni, Mississippi who grew up on Chicago’s westside, Lawndale community.  He attended local area public schools and is a graduate of Manley High School.  He went on to pursue an education at Chicago Baptist Institute, Moody Bible College, Morane Valley Community College, and several years later, earned a Degree at Andersonville Theological Seminary.

With several years of preparation under the Leadership of his mentor, the late Pastor Dr. Lincoln Scott, he received his formal training and call to the ministry.  Recognizing and nurturing the anointing and calling upon his life, Dr. Lincoln Scott appointed him to various offices and positions within the church, which included:  Trustee, Elder and Adult Bible Class Teacher.

After years of preparation, God released Mitchell Scott to embark upon his own ministry, New Covenant.

 Mitchell Scott was ordained as Senior Pastor of New Covenant, by his former Pastor, Dr. Lincoln Scott and Father-in-Law Pastor James M. Dodd jr. 

 In August 2009, following the Holy Spirit, The Lord created an opportunity for Pastor Mitchell Scott to join with The Kings Agenda Organization. After several Years of serving as an Overseer, Pastor Scott was Consecrated as The Presiding Bishop for The King's Agenda Organization.  

 In addition to serving in various capacities of leadership throughout the years, Pastor Scott was also involved in a variety of ministerial endeavors that prepared him to embrace lost souls and minister to the whole individual regardless of challenges or limitations. Demonstrating unwavering faith, he made the decision to devote his life and service to the ministry and Pastor full time. The work of the Lord has always been first and foremost in his heart.  Pastor Scott has often stated that “before you leave the building, I want to give you something to think about when you go home.”  His charismatic style of preaching and humorous personality filters over into his sermons as he often uses practical anecdotes to capture the attention of the congregation; “so it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit.” As a Sower goes forth to sow, he has an anointing that allows him to minister to those in need of healing of the mind, body, and soul. With such a great calling to fulfill, he finds time to visit the sick, make calls to members, conduct bible study and baptismal classes, and spend time studying God’s word.  He is supported in his ministry by his wife, Jamesetta Scott, his children, and grandchildren. His ultimate desire is to see people fully embrace God’s love and to walk in victory and power while experiencing the fullness of God’s promises.

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