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Jamesetta Scott


Jamesetta Scott is the Executive Director of Healthy Burnside Community / New Covenant Harvest as well as  being an elementary school teacher in the Chicago Public School System.   

As the wife of a Presiding Bishop, her role varies and moves in several directions.  She is also a member of  New Covenant Harvest Church Choir/Praise Team where they usher in the spirit each Sunday morning with songs and praises.  

 Her  upbringing and goals were instilled within her by her parents, Rev. J. Monroe Dodd Jr. and First Lady Sophie Dodd who were the driving force behind her accomplishments.  

  Jamesetta’s professional role in life is to educate as many children and adults as possible so that they are able to thrive, live and survive in this world and to become productive citizens guaranteeing a bright future for generations to come.  She has been a teacher for over twenty-five plus years and finds inspiration and joy in what she does.   

Her professional achievements to date are as follows:

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Bachelors in Education with an endorsement in Music and Social Science

Member of Phi Theta Kappa (Honor society)

Member of OES PHA

Jamesetta is  passionate about everything she does in life.  She is a very serious person and does not accept failure.  Her  motto for success is “ If you put your mind to it, you can do it”.  This mantra has been the reason for all of her success and goals.

Her plans for the future are to continue on this path that she has chosen.  It gives her purpose in life,  rewards in her successes and joy in her accomplishments. 

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